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Dispersing Agent SD-450


Product Overview


This product is a kind of high-efficiency wetting dispersing agent and it is suitable for matching and dispersing of organic and inorganic pigments and can improve the color development of PU synthetic leather.

技术指标/Techanical lndexes 添加量与应用 / Level of Addition and Application


Appearance:Colorless or yellowish clear liquid

1. 具有极佳的润湿性,对于金属颜料、珠光颜料等效果极其明显;
2. 具有极佳的分散性,有效防止浮色、发花现象;
3. 具有极佳的展色性,可充分表现色料的着色效果(极少数情况分散不佳,可能与配方有关,现有条件可能无法解决);
4. 可提高加工品的展色性。
1. 用于色浆生产时,建议添加量为总体系的0.05-0.2%;
2. 用于PU革生产中的配色时,建议每100份固含量为30%的树脂,添加0.1-0.3份,充分搅拌;

Basic Features
1. It has excellent wetting capability and the effect is especially evident for metallic and pearlescent pigments, etc.;
2. It has excellent dispersing capability to effectively prevent pigment floatation and flowering;
3. It has excellent color development capability to fully display the coloring effect of pigments (poor dispersing may occur under quite a few situations and it may be related to the formula and be irresolvable under current conditions);
4. It can improve the color development of processed products.

Application Method
1. When used in color paste production, the recommended level of addition of this product is 0.05-0.2% of total system;
2. When used in color matching in PU leather production, it is suggested that 0.1 - 0.3 parts of this product be added to 100 parts of resin with a solid content of 30% and that the mixture be fully stirred;
3. The specific type and quantity shall be selected by customers through trial application. Under special conditions, if the dispersing effect is poor, you can contact our company for solutions; however, we cannot ensure that we can completely solve this problem.





Solid content:


PH value:7±1

注意事项/packaging and storage


This product is not environmental protection product, please use caution.

包装储存/Points for attention


This product is packaged in plastic drums with a packaged weight of 50kg or 200Kg, and shall be stored under sunlight-free and sealed conditions at 4 - 35°C. The useful life is 6 months. When the temperature is below 4°C, freezing of the product will occur; however, if placed at a temperature of more than 20°C, the product will be able to resume its original state.